Ear Cleanings


Ear Wax Removal

Ear wax removal

Professional Ear Wax Removal is just $15 per ear. Chris uses an audioscope and an earigator to remove the wax.

Below is an article which explains how ear wax removal is important if you have been using q-tips, which typically push the wax further into the ear. Taking hearing aids in and out will also cause wax to be pushed deeper, blocking your hearing.



We Carry Power One Hearing Aid Batteries

Our batteries are Power One at $23.75 for a box of 60. We’ve found this brand to be the best quality. We also carry rechargeable batteries.

Wax Guards

Ear Wax Filters or Guards

We carry several types of wax guards or filters they range from $8-10 per pack.

Ear Molds

We offer custom hearing aid molds. We also carry swim molds and musician molds. After Chris makes the ear impression, you will receive your molds within 7-10 days.

Hearing Exams

Exam Booth

Pictured above is the booth where Chris runs a series of tests including a speech test and a Real Ear test to provide an adequate examination. The testing takes place after Chris has checked if you need ear wax removal, because removing the wax beforehand will ensure the results are accurate.


Chris will make sure your hearing aids fit your lifestyle by making adjustments until you are satisfied.

Loaner Aids

Phonak Hearing Aids

We’ll fit you with a complimentary loaner aid to enjoy until your device comes back from repair.

Watch the video below as Chris explains how to change a wax guard.

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